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Very good app

I needed to backup my outlook for windows mail messages and contacts to keep a copy on my Mac, and had been unable to open them before finding Klammer. This app delivers what it promises, is very simple and works very well. The only thing missing is mass import in mail, so that sorting messages would be easier, but except for that its worth its price if youre looking to open outlook files on a mac.

Klammer partly working

Klammer doesnt work reliable and often apears the message "You dont have permission"; But verifying the flle permission with "Get Info" doesnt indicate any permission problems; The competive product "MailRaider", which is free of charge can open all *msg files; Klammer needs software fix, otherwise dont spend the money. (23.12.2012, Klammer Version 3.0))

Failure not repaired and support is MIA

Application is good except this problem appearing from time to time (every copule of days). Support, suport? Is there something like this? No answer at all. I reccomend not to buy until they repair the problem It has been a while (more than 5 months and still the same).

Yosemite: doesn´t even open a file

App even failed to open .MSG files under Yosemite. So no conversion either… 

Doesn’t open msg on Yosemite

I just bought it and tried to open a .msg file. It isn’t even listed as a recommended application to open msg files and it doesn’t work anyway. If you try to open it, and error window pops up. I hope this gets fixed soon, because i paid for this app -.-

Bulk Conversion works perfect

Just bought Klammer to move from Outlook to Apple and it worked as advertised

Works Great1

Dont buy winmail extractor. Buy this one.

Did not work for what i needed it to

Would not open the .msg files i needed it to. Just another error.

Worked on files MailRaider didn

I just bought this as I have about 100,000 (!) emails Im transferring across to my mac from a pc. MailRaider manages to open all bout about a couple of hundred, but that was bugging me. I dont like OutlookMsg Viewer (same price as Klammer) because it creates a .eml file for every file it opens and I dont want another 100,000 small files (!!), just the ability to search and read the old. Klammer has just opened all the ones MailRaider failed with, except on, so Im very happy. And I think I may just have to let that 1 go :) Thanks!

Rock solid fix and quick too!

Took 15 minutes to buy, download and import 500 key, personal contacts into my Apple contacts … What more could I even ask for. Well done Klammer.

win mail.datを開けます。

win mail.datを開くのに便利です。 ただし、欲を言えば、 (1) 添付ファイルの一括したdrag and dropに対応してほしい。現状では個々にdragするしかない。 (2) Apple Mail applicationのadd-onになっているとさらに使いやすいだろう。

It does not work

After I tried to open MSG file the program responded with the following message: "The document “….msg” could not be opened. Klammer cannot open files in the “Outlook MSG” format.” AppStore slowly becomes a google Play clone, where anyone can put anything that has a straight lie in the description and still get their money? Wow.

Doesn’t work on Sierra?

I purchased this app under a colleague’s recommendation but it couldn’t open .msg files like it promised in the description. It worked for my collegaue. I kept getting the “Klammer cannot open files in the “Msg Document” format.”

Very useful

This is the first time I write a review on the mac app store, but this app is worth spending few minutes on it. I can think of few words to describe it - simple, no problems using it, does what the description says, worth the price when you switch from PC to Mac. Seems v1.0 lacks some features (eg support for directly replying to email from the app), but I expect well see them soon enough! Hope that helps anyone.

Simple and solid

This is great in its simplicity. The application opens fast, shows messages as intended and handles attachments. Simple and effective.

Great Help!

Fantastic for people who have switched to Mac with tonnes of old archived Windows message files!


This is as "perfect" as a utility can be for a heavy business user with no time to waste. Thank you.

Doesnt handle Calendar entries

Most of the e-mail replies I get that have TNEF winmail.dat files in them are Exchange calendar attachements. Klammer doesnt seem to do anything with them at all - doesnt display anything and I certainly cannot use them to interact with BusyCal or iCal. Now, I have four four broken programs that have no idea what to do with a de-facto corporate standard for e-mail. (BusyCal, iCal, Klammer and Mac Mail).


Super quick download and instalation. It work perpect and real fast!


This app is perfect for my needs. Years ago I moved to the Mac from Windows and had a potload of emails that I can now easily open and use with no more effort than double-clicking on them. Great for archived stuff too since I no longer use Windows. Also great for the occasional Windows user who emails me an attachment in winmail.dat or MSG format! Superb app that I wanted years ago but either couldnt find it or it just wasnt around then. Good job!

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